Drafting Instructions for articles Skills (June 2021)

TOPIC РSKILLS: By skill and ability we mean what each individual know show to do best, the talents that may hide behind what  we often define as a lack or a disability, and in this issue we want to talk about goals reached, events that have taken place, records broken, and the people involved.

CHARACTER LIMIT: 6.000 characters, spaces included + 1 high-definition horizontal photograph

PHOTOGRAPHS: Photographs must be high-resolution (above 3 megapixels). Photo credits must be provided for all photographs submitted, otherwise they cannot be included in the magazine.

AUTHOR BOX: Please include the following personal information for the author box at the end of the text: NAME/SURNAME/YEAR OF BIRTH/QUALIFICATION(S)/JOB TITLE

TERMINI DI CONSEGNA: The requested material must be submitted by 21.04.2021

All this material (text, photographs, etc.) and any queries about drafting the article must be sent exclusively to the following email address: v.sorbi@divercitymag.it

Thank you for your collaboration.

On behalf of the DiverCity Magazine editorial team,

Valentina Sorbi