di Arianna Visentini

The true meaning of working remotely, the method and the research done by Variazioni

What does smart working mean today? Answering this question has never been as complex as it is today. But one thing is certain: the version of smart working that we experienced during the lockdown was certainly not the most authentic version of it.

Since March 2020 we have spent a prolonged period of time working from home and experienced a forced experience that allowed us to experience on large scale a large number of the cardinal principles that underlie smart working (the real thing): working towards objectives, coordination and collaboration at a distance, and leadership models that are based on trust.

In the middle of a global pandemic, our habits were fundamentally disrupted and there was a complete break from the way we were used to working.

Working remotely has suddenly become a part of life for over 8 million Italians and will remain at the centre of debates carried out in the media for some time to come – particularly given that in December 2019 Italy had just over 600 000 “smart workers”, though this number had been growing steadily in recent years.

Let us  stop a moment then and take a step back. It’ll help us to take a running jump into the future with a clearer and more well informed perspective.

Variazioni, the consulting firm I founded ten years ago with Stefania Cazzarolli, has always defined smart working as “a process of jointly designing

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